Updated: Thursday, July 22, 2004

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After receiving a thorough tongue lashing from Aunt Jody in regards to her newly hatched nephew not getting up in a timely manner I managed to prolong the inevitable a good 10 days!!  Finally, here is the newest addition to the Hill Clan.

Connor Hill Smith

Important information pertaining to the new addition:

Born April 17th
Weighing in at 7 lbs 9 oz

We must apologize for the delay in getting pertinent information out to the public.  We failed to inform you of the birth of Jonathan and Michelle's monkey... uhhhh... baby! 

Here he is!!


His bio:

Name: Jonathan Frank Hunsaker II
Born: April 5th, 2005
Weight: 7lbs
Length: 21.5 inches

Congrats to mom and dad Hunsaker!!

 Rosalyn Wynn Finally Popped!!!

Name: Calvin Wynn
Born: May 10th, 2005
Weight: 7lbs 6.5oz
Length: 20 Inches
Soiled Linens: Plenty


We registered a new URL for this wild and wacky site!  In addition to hillsangels.netkennel.com you can now access the site at www.hillsangels.name !!!  Update your bookmarks now!!!


Another Hill has been hatched!!  Doug and Jody Graham have a new critter in the stable!

Jody had a baby girl, here are the important details:

Born: January 18, 2005
Weight: 7lbs 12oz
Length: 19 inches
Soiled Linens: Ad Infinitum!!

Congratulations to the Jim Hill clan for yet another chalk mark on the score board!  And I bet you didn't think we were keeping score did ya?

 An anonymous tip was phoned in to the Hill's Angels headquarters late on the evening of January 15th.  Jonathan Hunsaker informed the HAS that Michelle Hunsaker, Jon's wife, is heavy with child!  I said it wasn't very nice to call her heavy and if he wasn't careful he'd probably get smacked.  Then he told me she's not heavy that way, she's pregnant!!

Apparently, 21 years of studiously watching the National Geographic has finally paid off!!  Jon and Michelle are going to have a baby!!  Early photos show signs of it being a boy!!

Wait to go Jon!!  Oh, and Michelle too!!

 Brenda Smith has informed the HAS of some incredible news.  Apparently Jody Graham is going to be bathing her new baby girl.  The baby is due around the 20th of January so if anybody wants to go see them give the kid a bath you are all welcome to attend the baby's shower.  It will be held on January 22nd at the Graham household. 

They live somewhere in Highland, Utah.  If you would like directions I'm afraid you're going to have to ask Jody or Brenda, I have no idea where they live.  If you find out let us know and we can get the address put up.

Got the address!!  Here it is:

Jody lives at 4694 W. Vista Drive in Highland UT. 
If you want you can RSVP to me: Brenda at 801-773-7708,  if not then just show up.

It's a BOY!!

HAP. 12/28/2004 Stansbury Park UT: Shocking photo's of the newest member of the herd were leaked to the press late last week, and of course the crack team of reporters at the Hill's Angels site are just now getting it up.  He is rumored to be the cutest baby the Hill family has ever seen!  (He must take after his father).


New Photo Album!
Hey everybody!!  We've added a new photo album to the Hill's Angels site.  It's called Wedding Bells and will have pictures of all the weddings we can get our hands on.  So if you have any wedding pictures you'd like to see on the site send them to me - leswynn@netkennel.com - and I'll get them up for you. 

Also, any of the younger generation who happens to have any pics of the older generation that may have blackmail potential please send them priority!  Check out the new album under Photo Albums.

 A new rugrat enters the ranks!!

It would appear as though a Hill has formed!  And scientists say it takes millions of years for mountains to be wore down to become soft, rolling hills!  Heck, Stacy managed to make a Hill in about 9 months!!! What do scientists know!!

Stacy, of the Jim Hill Fraternal Order of the C.C.C. (Cow Chip Collectors) (HAH!! that was good!), and her live in man toy, Robert, have added a new addition to their home.  No!  It's not a new blender!

Emma Jane Hood was born on November 22, 2004 and weighed 7 lbs 9.5 oz and was 20 5/8 inches long. 

A big ol' congratulations going out to mom and dad as well as a hearty congrats to the grandparents!!  Way to go!

Unbelievable New Evidence!!!
Human Cloning Exists!!!

It has come to the attention of the Hills Angels Staff that human cloning experiments are taking place amongst the ranks of the Hill clan!  Yeah, we know, UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Not only that but it would appear that a member of the Hills Angels Website Consortium is actually taking part in said activities.  Disciplinary actions are being considered at this time.

H.A.S (Hills Angels Staff for the slower of the Box Bar herd) has investigated the affore mentioned allegations and has found them to be true!  Lance and Rosalyn Wynn have successfully cloned a human being!  Using DNA taken from both of them a clone has been created!  It is hard to believe such a thing could happen.  Apparently attempts at cloning have been taking place for close to 6 years, it would appear that everything just came together with the latest attempts.  We aren't sure what the clone will look like, full results will be available in approximately 9 months, but we will keep you all posted as more information develops!  Stay Tuned!!

Welcome to the Official Hill Family Reunion Site

News from the Hill's: Check back periodically as we will be updating the photo album, and adding information about happenings in the hill family! If you have an announcement, or event, or anything you want on the site, email me at leswynn@hotmail.com

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